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We are moving into the planning stages for the launch of SalvageFaire in the middle of what will be known as the Tiny Texas Territories. The land will support at least 15 1 acre villages of 12-15 houses each, a common pavilion linked to the SalvageFaire markets.

It will be part of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance where by all things American or already Americanized by being imported long ago and used already, and effectively focusing on all the things we can make from the pieces of the past that are potentially our best future. The market will fuel the various villages, whether the musicians, artisans, artists, organic growers, fisherman, quilters, Native Americans, and more as we prove we can build villages of people who are willing to help create a World Union of Believers in the Survival of the planet and the species. We can co-exist together if we share the technology and the rewards of progress rather than trying to keep it all for sake of war and riches.

This is the first of many Territories that we will develop around Pure Salvage Living Villages. From the Vermont Territories to the Badlands of North Dakota, this concept of using all things saved, nothing new from the planet and nothing imported, using the human energy available locally everywhere to build with, and the communities being able to keep their wealth, their youth, their elderly, and rebuild the old way, so that it will last for centuries rather than instantly decay.

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